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Support Small Businesses During the Holidays


baker working in kitchen rolling doughThe weather outside is getting frightful and that can only mean the holidays are here! There’s gift shopping, family meals, traveling, and so much more to do.

For businesses everywhere, the holiday season is a huge deal. On average, over $700 billion is spent each year at retailers. For many businesses, the holiday season makes up a quarter of their revenue for the whole year. 

Where you shop during the holidays can have a huge impact, especially on small and local businesses. We’ve got some reasons why you should look at small businesses this holiday season when doing your shopping.

Supporting Your Local Businesses

man cutting beefThe quarter of yearly revenue is not just for big corporations, it’s also true for small and local businesses. Small ma and pa shops down the road, a newcomer restaurant in the area, and even your local craft store all see increased business during the holidays.

By shopping at local businesses, you are helping keep them in business and even have the chance to grow next year. Your money is staying in the local economy and going further by helping your neighbors. The local business you spend money on might buy supplies from another local business, in-turn keeping the support chain going!

Keeping Jobs Local

two construction workers talkingAnother reason to shop locally is to keep jobs local. By supporting your local economy, it increases the chances of local businesses to hire locals for work. This could range from teenagers getting their first job to a parent being able to support their family. 

Local jobs are more likely to put money back into their local economy, growing it even further. If a local business has a great holiday season, this could lead to raises for employees, benefits, and bonuses. Plus, more of the money you spend goes to the employees than it does with large corporations.

Get Unique Gifts

woman painting outsideThere are incredibly skilled and creative people in your community! Art is alive and well and it thrives in small towns, neighborhoods, and communities. If you are looking for unique, one of a kind gifts for the holidays, local businesses are a great place to look.

Likely, there is something perfect for everybody in your local community. Know a person who loves paintings? Commission a local artist to make something. Know somebody who enjoys experiences? Likely, there is someone near you that offers unique experiences or lessons. 

Finding these gifts can be a challenge. Check to see if your local area has farmer’s markets or business events where local artisans can showcase their work. 

Personalized Service

man talking to sales person about golf clubsHave you ever wanted to go somewhere where everyone knows your name? Small local businesses are where that happens! By frequenting the same local business over and over, you build a relationship with them. You’ll have a usual order they know, or even make specific changes based on what you like and dislike.

It’s unlikely to see this level of service from larger businesses. Local businesses thrive on making a personal connection with their customers. They’ll be more likely to go the extra mile to help you.

Be Rewarded For Shopping Local

There are tons of benefits for shopping with local businesses. You support the economy, help your neighbors, keep the money local and find unique gifts great for everyone. But there are even more rewards to be had by shopping local.

Pioneer has a program called Buy Local that incentives our members to shop at local businesses. If you have a Pioneer VISA credit card and shop with a local business that are part of the Buy Local program, you earn extra Rewards! points

By earning extra points, you can redeem your Rewards! points for stuff like gift cards to restaurants, stores, or even for experiences like a hot air balloon right. These extra points can go a long way in helping pay for holiday expenses.

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