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A New myPioneer Experience Coming Soon

What to Expect

A new and improved version of myPioneer Online and Mobile Banking is coming soon and we are excited to share it with you. The updated platforms will make banking easier, more secure, and faster. The overall appearance of myPioneer will change, along with some new features for you to use. Our goal is to create a more "WOW" online and mobile banking experience that is simple and easily accessible, so you can bank with Pioneer no matter where you are.

myPioneer Transition Timeline
Update your Information in myPioneer August 14
Transition time September 10 - 13
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New myPioneer September 13
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myPioneer Online and Mobile Banking is going to look different, but in a "WOW" way! Check out everything coming to myPioneer soon.

Loaded with Features

Enjoy all myPioneer has to offer and more! The new version comes with new features and tools to better manage your finances.

All Your Accounts in One Place

Previously in myPioneer, you could only access your accounts separately, including business accounts. No more! All of your accounts that are connected to your Social Security Number will be visible in myPioneer all at once.

No Downtimes, Strong Security

Have constant access to your myPioneer accounts and be safe while doing it! myPioneer will continue to have strong security measures to keep your finances secure, like two-factor identification, requiring strong passwords, and more.


Do I need to sign up for myPioneer again?

Yes, you will need to register as a new user in myPioneer once the change occurs. This will include creating a new username and password. 

Will I need to redownload the myPioneer app?

Yes, we'll be taking down the old myPioneer Mobile app and adding a new one. You should delete the old app and use the new one once you've installed it to your mobile device.

When does the switch occur?

The transition will occur from September 10-13. The new myPioneer will be ready on September 13.

Can I keep using the old myPioneer?

No, we are transitioning to the new myPioneer mobile and online banking and the old version will not be available going forward.

Will there be downtime while you switch to the new myPioneer?

Yes there will be. myPioneer will be unavailable from September 10 to September 13.

Will my Bill Pay transfer over?

No, your current Bill Pay information will not be transferred over. Please re-enter your bills into the new myPioneer Bill Pay feature after the switch occurs. We encourage you write down your current Bill Pay information as this information will not be accessible after the switch.