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Everyday Pioneers Podcast

Lessons from Everyday Pioneers

Listen to real stories about financial experiences from real people. Whether you're a new parent figuring out family finances, a young adult learning how the world works, or an experienced budgeter, we've got tales for you to enjoy.

Our podcast Everyday Pioneers shares peoples' unique experiences in the world. We release a new episode every other Wednesday. To subscribe, find us on your favorite podcast service, including: 

woman with blonde hair smilingChelsea has a passion for coming along side others humbly, sharing ideas and thoughts about finances, and encouraging our members & community to take small steps towards their financial goals.

She brings the opportunity to learn more about real life financial experiences through our podcast Everyday Pioneers. Chelsea has worked at Pioneer for 6 years, 5 of which have been in our Learning & Development department.

Within Pioneer, she hosts live webinars for our internal team members monthly, as well as authors courses for new and existing team members. Now she is stepping out to begin offering new opportunities to our members and communities. Follow along and join us as more opportunities arise!

Have a question or want to give some feedback about the webinar? Have a story you want to share with the world? Email Chelsea at