Online Bill Pay

Spend more than 10 minutes paying your bills every month? Why? Save time – pay online. Online Bill Pay gives you the security and convenience of paying all of your bills from one place. View upcoming payments, track payment history, determine the date the bill is paid… then carry on with your busy life!

Enroll in Bill Pay

  • Same day and next day payments
  • Help save the environment and receive electronic versions of your bills – called E-Bills
  • Infused with the latest technology to keep your information secure
  • Earliest available payment date pre-fills to save you time
  • Bill reminders to help you remember to schedule your payments
  • Six months of payment history to help manage your finances
  • Payment Guarantee protects you against fraud and late payments

Start today!

Simply log in to myPioneer, open your account, select Bill Pay and experience the speed, control and convenience of Online Bill Pay.

Bill Pay FAQs

If I set up a bill payment for the 10th of the month, when will the funds be taken from my account?

With the updated bill pay, when you set up a bill payment for the 10th of the month, the funds will be withdrawn from your account on the 10th. This is a bit different from the old system, where the funds were withdrawn the same day the payee was scheduled to receive payment. If the funds aren’t available on the 10th (as an example), the payment will be rejected and the member will receive an email from bill pay. The member can then reschedule that item in myPioneer or call the customer service number at 866-722-8997 and bill pay can re-schedule that payment for them. Check payments will continue to clear the members account when the check is cashed by the recipient.

Browser Support

The list of supported browsers has been updated. Please make note of the browsers and versions which are currently supported:

  • Internet Explorer 9 and above for Windows Only
  • Firefox 7 and above for Mac and Windows
  • Safari 5 and above for Mac and Windows
    • Note: NetTeller users must be using the Newest Version of Safari (5.1.7 or above). If a Net Teller Subscriber is using an older version they will receive a white or blank screen.

Other browsers not on the supported browser list may still have functionality, but iPay Technologies does not recommend these and can only provide limited support. This is also true for Beta versions of any browser.

Browser Settings

You can test your web browser for compatibility with our bill pay system by clicking here.