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Supported Browsers

For the best experience, we recommend using one of the following Internet browswers to view Pioneer@Home. We support the two most recent versions of the following browsers for both PC and Macintosh operating systems. Click on the icon to download a browser or to download an updated version.

Google Chrome Safari Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Internet Explorer


I am trying to transfer money to another account, but I can't.

You can still make all your transfers within Pioneer@Home. To do this, click on the "Transfers" tab in the blue bar, then in the grey tool bar, choose "Transfer to any PFCU account". You will need the member's full account number and the first three letters of the member's last name for verification. When it asks you for the "ID" that will determine which account the money will be directed to. For reference, our general savings ID is 0001 and our general checking ID is 0040..

Why is there a blank screen when I try to view my estatements?

The estatements will come up in a separate screen and many computers block it as a pop up until you accept it as a safe web link. You should see a paragraph introducing you to estatements and asking you to enroll in the program.

I set up my new Pioneer@Home ID and password, but I can't log back in--why not?

When you reset your Pioneer@Home ID and password, that new ID and password will be used for every log in going forward. If you cannot remember your login or password, please call the Member Service Center at (208)587-3304 to get your user ID and password reset.

How do I set up a check withdrawal inside Pioneer@Home?

Click on ‘Transfers’ in the main home page. Then in the grey toolbar towards the top, you will see ‘Check Withdrawal.’ Choose that option and you can choose which account you’d like it to be withdrawn from. The check would be mailed to the mailing address that we have on file for you in our system.

For some reason, when I tried to transfer money to another PFCU account, it told me there was a two day hold period. What is that?

The member accidentally used the FI to FI transfer instead of the the 'Transfer to Any PFCU' Account option. If you log in to P@H, click on 'transfers' and then you will see a grey bar with a few options in it and one is 'transfer to any PFCU account'. This is the one you'll want to choose to move money between PFCU accounts. You'll need to know the Share ID of the account you want to transfer to. General savings is 0001 and general checking is 0040.

FI to FI transfer is for members that want to send money to an external financial institution such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc.

What is Statement Rewards in my transaction listing?

Statement rewards is a product we offer to our members to save money on the purchases they make most. The member would receive discount offers based on their spending habits and the businesses they frequent most. If you would like to not receive these, you can open your transaction listing and at the top, right in the center there is a green icon with a $, and the word 'disable' right next to it. Just click on that 'disable' button and you will no longer see those offers.