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Pioneer id-go

Tired of answering security questions when you call Pioneer? We've got an easier and more secure way to verify your identity over the phone with id-go.

What is Pioneer id-go?

woman looking at phone at a storePioneer id-go is a verification tool that uses your biometric verification tools (like Face ID or fingerprint reader) on your phone to verify your identity. Once enrolled, anytime you call Pioneer, you'll be sent a text message with a link to utilize your biometric verification, letting you skip the security questions.

If signing up for id-go over the phone, ask for it the next time you call. You'll be sent a text with a registration link to set up your id-go account, including scanning your driver's license and taking a selfie. After, you'll make a call with an authorization code to finalize your id-go account.

You can also register for id-go at a branch or through a Personal Teller Machine. 

You won't have to answer any security questions, id-go will do the work for you!

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