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Overdraft Protection

If you don't have the cash to cover an expense, don't worry. We've got you covered! With an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit, rest assured that your checks and debit transactions will be honored.

Access your Overdraft Protection Line of Credit Four Easy Ways

  • Simply write a check or use your debit card
  • Call us at (208) 587-3304 and press 5
  • Use Telephone Teller at 208-587-1140 or out of area at 1-800-299-8231
  • Transfer through your myPioneer Online Banking account

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Overdraft Protection Details
Credit Limit $500 - $3,500
Payment Details Payment Due Date 25th day of every month. Minimum payment 3% of balance in increments of $25.00. Minimum payment of $25.00.
Type of Payment • Cash or Check     • Telephone Teller    
• myPioneer            • Automatic Transfer
Late Fee 20% of the interest due will be imposed 10 days after the due date, min. $25.00, max. $39.00
Advance Fee $3.00 per transaction.