Service Charges and Fees

Service Charges and Fees
Automatic Transfer from Savings to Checking or Transfers between PFCU accounts (Overdraft)
(Fee will be applied to your savings.)
$1.00 per Overdraft
Overdraft Protection per Transaction (Line of Credit) $3.00 each
Temporary Checks (Per sheet of 4) $3.00 per sheet
Cashier's Check $5.00 each
Money Order $3.00 each
Visa Gift Cards $5.00
Savings Excessive Withdrawal Fee Over 5 per month (does not apply to ATM) $2.00/transaction
Writs (court ordered instructions) Garnishments, levies, etc. $75.00
Inactive Account Fee Balance less than $1,000 and no activity for 6 months. $5.00/month
Statement (duplicate copy) $5.00/month
Account Research (1 hour min.) $25.00/hour
Copy of Check $2.00
Collection Item/Foreign Checks $35.00
Below Minimum Balance - Savings (Min. $25.00) $1.00/month
Below Minimum Balance - Select Checking (Min. bal $500.00) $3.00 plus $0.10 (per check cleared/mo.)
Below Minimum Balance - Money Market (Min. $2,500) (In excess of 3 checks cleared per month.) $10.00 per month if min. balance not met
Health Savings Acct. Yearly Admin Fee $20.00
IRA, Roth, Coverdell Yearly Admin Fee $15.00 per IRA
IRA, Roth, Coverdall Closing Fee (if closed w/in 24 months) $25.00
Balancing Assistance (1 hour minimum) $25.00/hour
ATM Fee (non-Credit Union supported ATM) $1.50/transcation
Verification of Deposits $5.00
ID Theft Protection (Learn more) $1.99
Returned Checks
NSF (paid or returned) $30.00
Courtesy Coverage (paid) $30.00
Other institutions $30.00
Two-party checks $10.00
ACH return item (paid or returned) $30.00
Returned Statements (for incorrect address)
Returned statement fee assessed if the member has not notified the Credit Union of address change $5.00
Debit Cards (ATM Cash, Visa Debit)
Card Replacement $5.00
PIN (Personal ID Number) replacement $3.00
Surcharge none
Overdraft $30.00
Credit Cards (Visa)
Card Replacement $5.00
PIN Replacement $3.00
Late Payment 20% of min. due
Over-Limit $25.00/billing cycle
Stop Payments (valid for six months)
Check $30.00
ACH Payment $30.00
Money Order $30.00
Series of Checks $35.00
Wire Transfer
Outgoing $25.00
Incoming $15.00
Fax Service: (Incoming or Outgoing)
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Long Distance:
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