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Credit Checkup

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Credit can be challenging to understand and navigate. There are credit scores, which come from credit reports that are created by Credit Bureaus that utilize various factors to come up with a number. That number then determines whether you can get a loan, a credit card, or even an apartment. 

Credit is an important part of life that can't be ignored, but you can master it, whether you are starting out with no credit or feeling stuck with bad credit! Pioneer offers everyone a free Credit Checkup which analyzes your current credit situation. You can also meet with a Pioneer team member who will walk you through your credit report and make suggestions for improvements and how to reach your credit goals! 

How a Credit Checkup Works

man and woman talking at a table with a notebookThe Credit Checkup is not a loan, but a way to understand your current credit situation and how to improve it.

The first step to a Credit Checkup is completing our form either online, through the myPioneer Personal Assistant video chat to talk with a team member virtually, or visit a branch. 

From there, Pioneer will need some basic personal information, like the last four of your social security number and your address, to confirm your identity. A team member will then work with you to pull your current credit reports and credit score and review your current situation.

Once you understand your credit, you can make a plan with a Pioneer team member on how to improve or utilize your credit to reach your goals.

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