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Investment Savings

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Hitch your financial wagon to something that will really grow your savings. Pioneer's investment savings options can provide both short and long term financial growth.

woman with curly hair looking at laptopWant to hang up your boots and hat in a nice homestead when you retire? You can make your dream a reality using Pioneer's Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

With a Pioneer Traditional IRA, you can:

  • Grow- Earn tax-deferred, compound dividends on your money.
  • Competitive- Open IRA certificates with competitive rates.
  • Prepare- During 2023, deposit up to $6,500 of earned income per year or $13,000 per year for couples. For members age 50 or older, deposit up to $7,500 or $15,000 per year for couples.
  • Withdraw- Begin penalty-free withdrawals as early as age 59½
  • Stability- Continue tax-deferred deposits while you receive earned income

To help you get on track and saving so you can retire on time, Pioneer has partnered with GreenPath Financial Wellness. Visit their website to learn more about retirement planning.

If you're ready to open your IRA, visit your local branch, or use the myPioneer Personal Assistant app

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Traditional VS Roth IRAs
  Traditional IRA ROTH IRA
Income Requirement You must have earned income. There are no maximum income limits. You must have earned income. In 2023, the maximum amount you can contribute phases out when your household income is between $138,000 - $153,000 if you are single and $218,000 - $228,000 if you file jointly.
Contribution Limits For 2023, up to $6,500. If you are age 50 or older by the end of the year, the limit is raised to $7,500. For 2023, up to $6,500. If you are age 50 or older by the end of the year, the limit is raised to $7,500.
Tax-Deductibility for Contributions May be tax-deductible. Are not tax-deductible.
Earnings Grow tax-deferred. Grow tax-deferred and may be tax-free.
Distributions Are penalty-free and taxed as ordinary income when taken after age 59½ (unless you made nondeductible contributions). Are not taxed as long as the Roth IRA has been open for at least five years and you are age 59 1/2 or older.
Required Minimum Distributions Must start taking them the year you attain the age of 73. Are not required.
Early Withdrawals Withdrawals before reaching the age of 59½ are subject to a 10% IRS penalty in addition to any ordinary income tax. Withdrawals of your contribution amounts are allowed at any time without tax or penalty. However, you may be subject to tax and a 10% IRS penalty for withdrawing your earnings before you reach the age of 59½.


woman with a handful of cashDon't bury your treasure under that old oak tree, instead put it into a Pioneer Term Certificate Account. Just as secure and you earn dividends on your savings!

We offer a variety of rates and terms to meet your needs. Term Certificates are a great avenue for long-term savings with stable, secure results.

All Pioneer Term Certificates qualify for a one-time rate bump if rates go up during the term of that certificate! To take advantage of the Term Certificate bump, contact a Pioneer team member.*

To open up a Term Certificate, stop by any Pioneer location, apply online, or through the myPioneer Personal Assistant app today.

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*If you take advantage of the one-time dividend bump on your Term Certificate, you will receive a receipt disclosing the new dividend rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for your Term Certificate up to the maturity date. All other terms and conditions apply to your Term Certificate.