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Roll with it: Dealing with Financial Transitions

Posted on April 30, 2018

Let's play a game of "have you ever?" Have you ever... been laid off? Become a parent? Changed your career? Won the Powerball?

Our lives are always in flux, and big life changes can have a definitive impact on our financial well-being. The following are some thoughts to help you take control of your finances when a change in circumstances has you worried about your financial future.

Assess the Situation

Consider the following: are the changes you are experiencing temporary or permanent? What are your immediate needs? Can you handle these needs on your own, or would some expert guidance be helpful? What resources are available to you? Once you know what you own and what you owe - your assets and expenses - it will be easier to create a plan for success.

Plan for Success

If you don't already have a budget, now's the time to create one! There are countless resources available to help you track every dollar you earn and spend. In this step, you will need to carefully evaluate ways to increase your income (like getting a part-time job, renting a room, selling assets, etc.), decrease your spending, or both. Prioritize your debts to tackle them in order of importance, and be sure to call your creditors to let them know about your situation and inquire about possible alternative repayment plans. It may also be helpful to consider if refinancing, loan modification/consolidation, or a debt managements program is right for you.

Stay Positive

Life changes can be incredibly stressful, especially when experiencing a negative impact to your financial circumstances. It can be easy to feel alone, inadequate, frustrated, and scared. One of the most important things  you can do in these times is actively try to manage your stress level by creating a plan of action, attacking it day-by-day, and staying positive. Celebrate your accomplishments as you progress through your plan, and remember - help is here whenever you need it!

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