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Affording Those Giant Skeletons and other Decorations for Halloween


In recent years, Halloween has truly become a major holiday. In the past, Halloween decorations were simply jack-o-lanterns, fake cobwebs, rubber bats, and a scarecrow that may or may not have a person inside of it.

But now, people go all out for Halloween, rivaling even Christmas in the amount of decorations that are put out for the season. Each year, the skeletons get larger, the animatronics get more complex, and the prices go higher. Now, if you want to stand out during the spooky season, you have to go above and beyond in your decorations, which can cost quite a bit. Here’s some ways to afford those decorations to become the spookiest home in the neighborhood.

Make What You Can

young girl and dad painting pumpkinsYou can make a lot of decorations yourself that look really good and are less expensive than what you get at the store. From cute to scary, a lot of decorations just require some paint, cobwebs, glue and a little bit of work.

Want to make something that will unsettle your guests? Buy some faux flowers and half round plastic eyeballs. Then, just glue the eyeballs inside the center of the flowers for a creepy flower arrangement.

There are tons of tutorials, ideas, and instructions online to make your own Halloween decor, many of which are simple to do. You won’t find an easy way to make a 15-foot tall skeleton, but you can make a lot of the smaller stuff to fill your home.

Shop for Used Decorations

ghosts holding a pumpkinEvery year, both before and after Halloween, people put their old Halloween decorations up for sale. This is the best time to get really good deals on items you can’t make yourself. Look for those large skeletons, blow up pumpkins, and other large items. 

Check on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other local places where people might sell directly to those in the neighborhood. You can also visit thrift stores as people might donate unwanted decor there too.

It’s possible to find lots of decorations in great condition when looking for used stuff. People look to get rid of decorations for tons of reasons, like they don’t want to store it for a whole year, it doesn’t match their new theme, or is slightly broken.

Rent Out the Decorations

skeletonSo you bought the massive skeletons and crazy animatronics, only to realize it was more expensive than you thought. Don’t worry, there is a demand for decorations you can use. Many people throw large Halloween events and you could rent out your decorations to make some of your money back.

Local Trunk-or-Treats, haunted houses, Halloween parties and others are all looking for the latest and greatest decorations. If you keep your rental costs low and offer to set it up and take it down, you can make some money off your fancy decorations.

Spread out the Cost

For those looking to really stand out and want to go all out, you can do it! If you want to transform your home into a haunted house or be the attraction of the neighborhood, but lack the savings to do so, Pioneer can help.

Using a Pioneer Signature Loan, you can purchase all the decorations, tools and candy you need to make your frightening dreams come true. Then, you can spread out the costs of a longer period of time rather than draining your savings all at once.

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