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Celebrating the End of Summer in Style


As the school year approaches and summer comes to an end, you might find yourself wanting one final party, adventure, blowout, or celebration. Whether it’s to give your children one last fond memory before returning to school, or just wanting to enjoy the warmth before fall comes, we’ve got some great ideas for you. Don’t let summer end without doing something big and memorable.

Have an End of Summer Party

family at the poolEnjoy those late summer nights and hot summer days with something truly spectacular, like family get-together, a block party, or attending the fair or rodeo.

You’ll need to decide if you want to throw your own party or find one to enjoy. There are several end of summer events across Idaho to pick from. There’s Kuna Days on August 5-6, the Western Idaho Fair on August 20-29, and tons of smaller events happening all around. Find one that matches what you’re wanting and have a blast!

If you want to have an end of summer party, go big with it! Get your favorite foods, have plenty of fun activities, and invite all of your family and friends. Have some kids running around? Rent a bounce house or hire entertainment like some Disney princesses or a magician. 

Take a Vacation

three people jumping on a beachMaybe a party isn’t your style and you’d give summer a proper sendoff while on vacation. Get one final trip out of town before kids in school puts a damper on your travelling. This could be something as simple as camping in the woods or something huge like going out of the country or visiting Disney.

Pick the right vacation for your family and go for it! Be sure to do some research to see what is available and isn’t right now. For example, if you are visiting Disneyland in California, you’ll need to make a reservation online beforehand. They are not accepting walk-ins to their parks currently. Many other popular vacation spots like Universal Studios have other restrictions including age, vaccine, and reservation requirements.

If you are choosing to go on a vacation, check out the many benefits and perks Pioneer offers to our members. You can get discounts on vacation packages to places like Disney that include hotel, airfare and park tickets through Get Away Today, or discounted tickets to Lagoon if you’re heading to Utah.

Have an Incredible Staycation

young woman reading a bookDon't want to travel or just feeling attached to your own bed? Have a staycation and do some incredible stuff in your local area! Idaho is filled with treasures, amazing sights, and fun experiences just waiting for you. It could be one crazy day of fun or a whole week of new adventures.

You could float down a local river, head up to Bogus Basin to ride the alpine slide, or check out a local event. There is a lot to do, both in the Treasure Valley and all along central to western Idaho. Go-karting, fine dining, hiking, and more - all within your grasp. If you’re looking to cool off, Pioneer offers members discounted tickets to Roaring Springs and Wahooz.

Start an End of Summer Tradition

Why should major holidays be the only ones to get traditions? Start an end of summer tradition you and your family can look forward to year after year. It could be any of the above, like throwing a yearly party or going on a vacation, or something completely different!

Your tradition could be a special meal, a certain outdoor activity, or a night set aside to spend quality family time. Just pick something you can do year after year to truly make it a tradition.

Not only will you create memories year after year, but it will become something really important to your family. Even something as simple as a camping trip or game night tradition, your family will love it for years to come.

If you are looking to go camping or something bigger like boating, ATVing, or similar activity, Pioneer can help with an RV loan. You can get the family toy or camper you’ve always wanted so you can start making summer memories soon!

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