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5 Ways to Surprise your Special Someone for Valentine’s Day

Posted on January 25, 2019

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Do you ever feel like your Valentine’s Day efforts don’t go quite as planned, or are disappointing? Are you looking to make this February 14th one to remember? Stumped for ideas on what to do or give your sweetheart? We’ve got a few ideas on how to make your Valentine’s Day special.

1. Go Do Something New and Unexpected Together

The most important part of having a good Valentine’s Day is spending time with your loved one. Whether they’re a spouse, partner, or just the date for the night, you should plan activities you can do together.

There’s nothing wrong with the classics - dinner and a movie, bowling, or watching the sunset. But if you want to create some memories, you could also try something new and go on an adventure. Here are a few ideas:

2. Go See a Show Instead of a Movie

Movies are fun, but they aren’t the only form of entertainment you can watch. If your go-to date is the latest superhero movie, shake it up a bit this Valentine’s and see a different kind of show.

There are local theatres with musicals, plays, skits, and more. Hit up a comedy club and laugh the night away, Enjoy new music at a local concert, or even go to a movie theater showing classic movies. If you have one in your area, a drive-in theater can be a fun retro experience.

3. Give Gifts That Matter

man wrapping a gift boxThe best gifts are full of thought and consideration. It can be an act of kindness, an item they really want, or something that symbolizes your love and growing relationship. Unless your love one really wants them, skip the chocolates and the teddy bears and find a gift that matters.

Picking out a great gift is not easy. It will require a lot of thought, a few secretive questions, and a lot of searching. But the smile and excitement you see is worth it! Great gifts can include nice jewelry, something homemade, or anything important to your significant other. If you know them well, think about what they want or need from you and give it without expectations.

4. Plan the Dream Vacation

Is there a destination you and your significant other have always talked about? Do you imagine yourselves in Hawaii, or Japan, or Europe, but never seem to get there? Take the leap and surprise them with that dream vacation! It doesn’t have to be right now, but do the work of picking the dates, booking the tickets, and give the confirmation wrapped up in a bow. Or plan ahead and whisk them away that day! It will make this Valentine’s Day one to remember and cherish for the rest of your lives.

5. What’s for Dinner?

four people clinking glasses together over several dishes of foodDinner is a common part of the traditional Valentine’s Day experience. Most places are packed on the 14th, and you may have to wait a while if you don’t have a reservation. If your plans include a meal, be sure to call ahead.

You could also go with the unconventional and plan a picnic, make dinner at home, or head to your favorite drive-thru and pick up something quick and delicious. Rather than spending your evening in a crowded waiting area, you can get creative with your food.

Another option is to step outside the box and celebrate love earlier or later in the week. You’ll be less likely to hit the crowds and might even spend less as some restaurants increase prices for special occasions.

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