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Achieving Your Financial New Year’s Resolutions


young woman in coat holding a sparkler in the winterWhat does your ideal 2019 look like? Do you see yourself moving into a new house? Maybe buying a new car? Finally landing that dream job, or at least getting paid more for your current role? Or is 2019 the year you finally take that exotic vacation?

The beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to reflect on the past and make new goals for the future. But simply dreaming up a goal isn’t the same as making it happen. If you want to achieve a goal, you need to make a plan. If your resolution involves money, you should start planning early.

Part of our goal to move your money forward includes helping you achieve your financial goals, whatever they are. As you pick out your 2019 resolutions, here are some tips that can guide you on making those goals a reality.

Start Saving Early

Whether it’s buying your first home or taking a vacation to Hawaii, if your resolution comes with a hefty price tag, you need to start saving early.

Start by looking over your budget to review areas where you might save money. This could be reducing the number of times you eat out or being thrifty in your shopping. You can save that extra money to put towards your goal!

Pioneer is also happy to help make saving money easier. With our ChangeForward savings accounts, we will round every purchase you make with your debit card up to the nearest dollar and deposit the change into a separate account. You’ll be saving money every day while shopping!

Educate Yourself

If your financial goal is complex or difficult, it might be worth spending time to learn more about it. Looking to build your retirement fund? Dig into financial books or blogs that discuss retirement accounts. Looking to grow your small business? Attend a seminar or find a mentor.

Take control and find ways to grow your understanding of financial topics so when opportunities arise, you can make the most of them.

Meet with the Right Professionals

two men sitting at a table and having a conversationWe can’t all be experts on everything. That’s where Pioneer and our highly trained team is ready to help. If you want help planning out your financial resolution or looking for tools to help, we are here for you. We offer our members unlimited access to financial counselors for free. They can help you make a plan to meet your goals.

If your goal includes making a huge purchase that might require a loan (like buying a new house or car) sit down with a professional early in the planning process. When it comes to loans and credit, you’ll need to make sure you have a high credit score to get a great rate, and a plan for a down payment on the purchase.

Improving Your Credit Score

Do you know your current FICO credit score? Your credit can play a huge role in how you can accomplish some resolutions. The interest rate on a loan or a new credit card depends on your credit score, but it can also impact whether you can rent an apartment or even job opportunities.

Building your credit can be a confusing and daunting task, but Pioneer can help out yet again. Request a Credit Checkup, and we’ll help you make a plan to improve your credit and help you meet your goals.

Becoming Debt Free

One popular (and hard to reach) financial goal many have is to become debt-free, or at least eliminate a majority of their debts. Whether it’s student debt, a car payment, or just old credit card debt, the first step is making a plan. Look into ways to lessen or consolidate your debt and create a plan of attack.

Stay Motivated

The reason most New Year’s resolutions fail is because people lose motivation to keep up on them day-to-day. Life gets busy, priorities change, and goals fall to the wayside.

Be accountable for your goals and find ways to stay motivated. You could tell a friend or family member about your goal and ask them to follow up with you. Leave notes around your home and workplace to remind you to stay on top of your goal. If it requires a strict budget, the myPioneer budgeting tool can help segment out expenses and set up alerts when you are close to or over your limit.

Staying motivated is the most important part to meeting any resolution. Find methods that work for you and use them to their fullest! With enough motivation, planning, and a little bit of help, you can meet any goal you set your mind to.

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