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4 Things to Do with Your Extra Day This Leap Year


Don’t let this year’s February 29th just be another boring day, make it special. After all, Leap Day only comes once every four years. Use this extra 24 hours to your benefit, to do something fun or productive rather than letting the day slip through your fingers.

“But what should I do?” you ask, thinking you’ll just have Leap Year Day be like any other February day. We’ve come up with some fun ideas and productive activities to make the most of this year’s Leap Day.

Take the Day to Spend Time with Loved Ones

kid walking up a fallen log with a parent helpingWhen was the last time you just spent a day with people you really cared about and did something fun with them? Like, really went out of your way to do something memorable with your family or go out with your friends for no reason other than you wanted to.

Leap Day is a great opportunity to set aside time, or even the whole day, to go spend some quality time with your loved ones. Plus, February 29 is on a Saturday, so if you have weekends off, you don’t even have to take time off from work to celebrate! Don’t let the day slip away just watching TV or browsing social media, go do something new, special, or just enjoyable.

Get a Jump Start On Your Taxes

Do you usually wait for the last minute to work on your taxes? Coming up on April 15, do you feel stressed trying to figure out when you can sit down and actually work on your taxes? Well, here’s your change to avoid all of that and do your taxes on your spare day this leap year.

By February 29, you should have all your necessary tax documents, so you just need to sit down and get to work on filling. Whether it’s preparing to meet with a tax specialist or doing it yourself, you can spend Leap Day doing what needs to be done.

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Jump Around and Get Moving

people playing in a huge ball pitHave you been falling behind on your “Exercise More” New Year’s resolution? Use this Leap Day to get back into it and move around. There are a million reasons not to exercise, but instead of listening to them, get your heart pumping.

Don’t feel like going to the gym? Too cold to exercise outside? There are tons of options to still get a workout! In the spirit of “Leaping” you could go visit a trampoline park like Urban Air or Altitude to mix both play and exercise. Many of these places have huge trampoline areas, ball/foam pits, obstacles courses and climbing walls too!

You can also hit up the local YMCA to switch up your workout routine or get some exercise with the whole family. Go swimming, rock climbing, or do a workout class, whatever strikes your fancy.

Plan Your Summer Vacation

Looking to go hit up Disney this summer? Taking that trip to Europe you’ve been dreaming of? Maybe you are just visiting Grandma and Grandpa for a week? If you are planning out a vacation, the earlier you can start your planning, the better. Use your Leap Day to start putting your plans in place so you can start watching for deals on attractions, flights, hotels, and more!

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