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Best Rewards! to Spend Your Points On


Did you know that Pioneer gives reward points not just for using our credit cards, but our debit cards too? That means anytime you pay for something using a Pioneer card, you are earning points you can use!

If you don’t have a Pioneer credit card yet, but are looking to get more points, you should sign up right away! When using a Pioneer credit card, you earn one point for every dollar you spend, a much better rate than when using a debit card.

 Open a Pioneer Credit Card!

But what should you use your points for? On the Rewards! website, there are a ton of things you can spend points on, ranging from gift cards to driving a race car! Picking the right thing for you might seem a bit overwhelming, but we’ve got some great ideas to help you make the most of your points.

Experiences You Would Never Do Otherwise

man driving a race carDo you dream of being more adventurous? Do you wish to fly through the skies in a helicopter, drive a dragster, or see the countryside from a hot air balloon? All of these are potential experiences you could redeem your points for!

If you save up your points, you can do some really amazing, once in a lifetime, activities. Looking for a way to propose to that special someone? Use your points to do it in a romantic hot air balloon ride. Make your vacation even more memorable with a personal chef for a night. So many great experiences you can use your points for and basically have for free!

Get that Fun Electronic You’ve Been Eyeing

There is a wide variety of merchandise you can redeem your points for, including the latest electronics. There are some pretty amazing electronics you can redeem your points for whatever you are looking for.

Televisions, iPads, Amazon Fires, headphones, and all the fixings to set up a smart home are eligible. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest, get a big screen TV of your dreams, or build your ultimate entertainment system with speakers and more.

Travel to Your Dream Destination

Looking to spend a week on the beach, exploring a romantic city, or create some family memories at a theme park? You can utilize your points for book a flight, pay for a hotel, or rent a car. Whether it's a weekend getaway or a family vacation, your points can help you save a lot of money on your next big trip!

What's really nice is that there are no black out dates and other requirements like round trip booking or Saturday night stays to use your points for flying and travel. It's easy to use and can take a lot of stress from traveling off of you.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Is your coffee maker from twenty years ago? Looking to get started in air frying to make delicious french fries? Tired of popping your popcorn in the microwave and want to air pop it now? 

There are some really amazing appliances you can get for your kitchen by redeeming your points. Most major small appliances are available, including coffee makers, air and deep fryers, blenders, fondue pots, and crock pots. These can make great wedding or house warming gifts, making gift shopping a breeze!

Pay for your Daily Habits

woman eating a slice of pizzaNot needing to buy a big ticket item? Happy with your current situation and not looking to upgrade anything? You can still redeem points for things important to you and save money in the process. If there is something you buy regularly, like coffee or lunch, you can get gift cards to pay for them.

There is a wide variety of gift cards available to cover your spending habits. Fast food, restaurants, coffee places, stores and more are all options. And if you just want hard cash, you can get a Visa Cash Card instead!

Donate to Charity

Looking to do some good in the world, but don’t have the money for it? Use your rewards to support certain charities with donations. It’s a great way to help others easily! How it works is you select the “Charitable Donation” option and from there, work through the Charity Choice service. They’ll take your points and convert it to a gift card that is then sent to a charity of your choosing.

There are tons of charities to choose from, ranging all different types of services and needs. You can help feed homeless puppies, provide to organizations focused on disaster relief, or donate to veteran support services. Just find the charity that resonates to you and you can donate to them.

To check out what Rewards! you can get, login to your myPioneer account, click on “Additional Services” and then “PFCU Visa Rewards,” or you visit the site directly by clicking the button below.

 Check out your Rewards!

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