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Exciting Idaho Activities to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Posted on July 27, 2020

Whether you want to get your body moving or have an experience of a lifetime, Idaho has it all! With some of the most beautiful outdoor sites in the world, there are activities for everyone in Idaho.

If you are wanting to do something amazing and exhilarating, we’ve got some Idaho activities for you!

Get Soaked White Water Rafting

group of people paddling a boat in rapidsThe perfect exciting activity for the hot summer is some white water rafting. Whether you go with a group of experienced friends, join a rafting company with a guide, or start slow on your own, it’s an exciting time.

If you want to get into white water rafting, there is a little bit of research you should do first. Not all rivers are equal, with some rapids being more dangerous than others. If you are planning a trip, you need to know what type of rank the rapids you will encounter are and whether you are skilled enough to get through them safely. The classifications range from a Class 1, which is still water with no waves or movement, to Class 6, very dangerous and extreme. For beginners, it’s best to stick to lower to middle classes to stay safe and gain experience.

There are many locations throughout Idaho perfect for white water rafting. The Snake and Salmon rivers provide excellent rafting trips that people travel from all over the world to experience.

Blaze Trails in an ATV or Dirtbike

Idaho is filled with beautiful forests, majestic mountains, and vast wildlands. Each of these terrains come with trails for exploring, some for hiking, others for biking, and others for motorized vehicles like ATVs and dirtbikes.

It can be very exhilarating exploring new lands in a powerful vehicle. There are tons of places to rent ATVs, especially in towns near the backcountry. When planning out a trip, be sure to buy a map of the area and know where you are going to be.

Looking to buy an ATV, dirtbike, or some other RV? Pioneer can make it happen with an RV loan. With low rates, we can help you buy the RV you've been looking at to make your outdoor adventures happen!

Hit the Slopes During Summer or Winter

man in black jumping with a snowboardAcross Idaho are mountain ranges perfect for all sorts of activities. The most common is going skiing or snowboarding on the slopes, but there is so much more. Winter sports can include snowmobiling, sledding and more!

But you can also find a lot of fun in the summer too! Bogus Basin and other resorts have a wide range of exciting activities for the summer months like: alpine slides, mountain biking, mountain climbing and hiking.

Get Competitive with Paintballing

Whether it’s a casual game with friends in the woods or a more competitive match with teams, paintballing can really get the blood pumping. Paintball mixes tactics with athletics, a combination sure to get your adrenaline going.

Different types of paintball games can appeal to what you are looking for. Playing in an arena has a lot of action going on all at once to keep you excited and moving. Playing in the woods can build tension with stealth and quick bursts of action for a surge of excitement with less active downtimes.

Splash Around at a Waterpark

kids riding down a water slideWaterparks are a great place to have fun with the whole family. From lazy rivers for relaxing, wave pools for splashing, and water slides to get your heart pounding, waterparks have something for everybody. Thrill seekers and relaxers can enjoy a good waterpark.

There aren’t tons of waterparks in Idaho, but the ones we have are amazing. If you want to visit Roaring Springs, check out our Pioneer Perks. Pioneer members get discounted tickets to Roarings Springs and other entertainment attractions.

Fly through the Air in Style

The sky is full of adventure. Some of the most adrenaline filled activities happen up high. Some flight related activities require extensive training, while others can pair you with a professional to guide you through the experience.

Paragliding, skydiving, and hot air ballooning are all activities you can do with a guide. Each gives you a taste of a specific thrill, whether it’s flying through the air, plummeting at fast speeds or floating over the countryside. With a trained guide, you can get the most out of these activities while following strict safety guidelines.

If you want to try out hot air ballooning, or a different exciting activity like driving a race car, Pioneer can help! Pioneer members can redeem their Rewards! points towards a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Hot air ballooning, driving a race car and flying a helicopter are all options for redeeming the points you earn every time you use a Pioneer debit or credit card.

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