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The Best Gear You Need For Exploring the Great Outdoors

Posted on July 1, 2020

Whether you are an Idaho native or you recently became an Idaho resident, you’ve probably noticed that Idaho has some of the best outdoor activities in the world. From breathtaking views at the top of a mountain, to untouched forests to explore, and rivers and streams to splash in, there is something for everyone here.

If you are looking to explore the great outdoors of Idaho, consider making a few purchases to do it right. Having the right gear can make your adventures more enjoyable, safer, and easier.

The Essentials

These are the items you really need to thrive in the outdoors. Whether it's camping, hiking, or some type of outdoor sport, you'll want to invest in these items.

Get a Pair of Hiking Boots

woman with child on back hiking through a forestGoing for a nice hike is a classic Idaho activity. Whether it’s treking up Table Rock on a Sunday afternoon or doing a week long backpacking trip, hiking can take a major toll on one thing. Your feet.

While tennis shoes are good for regular walks around the neighborhood or day to day use, if you plan on traveling the great outdoors more, you should invest in a sturdy pair of hiking boots.

Hiking boots help protect you from twisted ankles, blisters, and provide extra support for your feet. Hiking boots are a smart choice if you plan on hitting the trails, just be sure to break them in!

Buy The Right Tent

man standing next to a tentCamping is a favorite pastime of many, and for good reasons! Living in the fresh air, surrounded by nature, and taking a break from the world is very relaxing. But the wrong tent can ruin a perfectly good camping trip.

Tents are an example of getting what you pay for. If you purchase a cheap tent, you’ll likely be in an uncomfortable situation, with a tent that is too small, hard to put together, doesn’t vent properly leaving you wet and humid, or doesn’t stay up all night. When tent shopping, be willing to invest in a good tent that will match your needs and survive for years to come. Tents should also match the activity you are doing. Backpacking? Get a light tent you can carry. Taking the whole family along? You'll need a larger tent to fit everyone.

Get Yourself a Strong Knife

You will be surprised how often you will need a knife while out in the great outdoors. It’s a common survival tool, along with being handy for simple tasks. From gutting a fish to cutting rope, have a knife you can rely on.

When picking out a knife, don’t just pack a steak knife from your kitchen. Knives, like most tools, have different types for different jobs. A leatherman or multi-tool set is great to cover most bases such as cutting, trimming, or shaving something. A larger knife is great to keep  for jobs your pocket knife or leatherman can’t handle. If a specific activity requires a special knife, like hunting or fishing, be sure to grab the right one.

Purchase a Powerful Flashlight

person with flashlight on a foggy mountainThe mountains get dark very early. Even if you are doing a day hike, you might find yourself heading back to your car with the sun dipping behind the horizon. To see your way in the dark, you should buy a powerful flashlight.

Now, you might be thinking, “I have this flashlight from years ago,” or “My phone has a flashlight, that should be good enough.” There is a huge difference between a light that shows a few feet in front of you and a good flashlight you want to take with you to the forest. Buy an LED flashlight with a long battery life and strong reach. 

Secure Quality Protective Gear

three people river raftingThe draw of many outdoor activities comes from the danger and excitement. White water river rafting, rock climbing, hunting, deep sea scuba diving, all are amazing activities with some danger. If you plan on pursuing an exciting outdoor hobby, you should invest in good quality protective gear.

If you are looking to get all the gear for these activities, you can avoid breaking the bank by redeeming your Rewards! points for gift cards to outdoor shops like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop. You can also redeem points for VISA gift cards to shop where you want to buy your gear at.

Vehicles for that Outdoor Lifestyle

If you truly want to explore everything Idaho has to offer, you'll want to purchase the right kind of car. To take your adventure further, a recreational vehicle might just be the thing for you.

Picking a Car That Can Handle Idaho

jeep driving up a dirt trailLooking to truly explore the backcountry of Idaho? Want to get as far away from civilization as possible? You’ll need something that can get you there. Not every road in Idaho is paved or smooth, so you need a car that can handle some rough roads.

Whether it’s a truck, jeep, or an SUV, you'll want something with all-terrain drive for those remote spots. An all-terrain vehicle very useful for driving in the snow common in Idaho winters.

Looking for great rates on a new car or truck? We Go There to help our members get the all-terrain vehicle perfect for exploring the wilds.

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Choosing the Right Recreational Vehicle 

Some of the most exciting activites require something a little extra. Boating, driving an ATV or dirt bike, or camping in style with a motorhome are all wonderful ways to enjoy the outdoors. 

Buying the right RV is not something to take lightly, as most cost thousands of dollars. Rent or try out different RVs to find what you like and which activities you find enjoyable. Then, when you are ready to buy, Pioneer can help make it happen with our RV loans. 

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