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Sports, Activities and New Hobbies to Try with Your Kids


Whether it’s summer break and you are trying to fill the empty months or you are looking to help your children develop into healthy well-rounded adults, recreation is very important. What your children do for fun can lead to new skills, developing existing abilities, and even guide them in future career and life choices. 

If your child spends their free time just watching TV or doing nothing, it’s time for a push towards new activities for them. This should not be something you force or require, but instead something you work with them to figure out. Don’t push your kid to do something they’ll resent and dislike but instead encourage them to pursue something they think they might enjoy. If you're not sure what types of activities your child might like, we’ve got some ideas to get your started.

Team and Solo Sports

soccer team huggingA classic children activity, sports are great for teaching good sportsmanship, humility, hard work, and determination. But finding the right sport is a delicate act. Picking the wrong sport could lead to a bad experience, but finding the right sport can be great for a young child.

A great place to start is to experiment with your kids with a variety of sports to see if any catch their eye. Play a little bit of basketball, soccer, tennis, or other sports with them and teach them the basics. If they show interest, then you can start to pursue them joining a team for a season.

You should also try team and solo sports with your children. Team sports are great for teaching teamwork and getting along with others, while solo sports let’s kids have a chance to prove themselves. If you find your child doesn’t enjoy a team sport, try a solo sport, and vice versa.

Outdoor Activities

two girls sitting on bench next to lakeThe great outdoors is full of things to do that your children might enjoy while getting some fresh air, especially in Idaho. Hiking, fishing, bird watching, are just a few activities to enjoy in the wild.

Many of these activities might require a guiding hand and some patience to teach before they get the hang of it, but can lead to lifelong interests. They’re also great opportunities to bond with your children without distractions. Whether it’s bonding over talking while waiting for the fish to bite, or just having fun riding ATVs, you can get connections with your kids.

Many outdoor activities though get expensive. A one time try is easy with renting the equipment, but if your child really wants to get into dirt biking, you might need some help supporting this activity. If it’s a recreational vehicle, like a dirt bike, Pioneer can help with our RV loan, with great rates.

Ask What They Want to Pursue

young girl and mother on couchIf you feel at a loss of what your child enjoys, talk with them! Maybe their ideas and dreams for a hobby or interest aren't what you expected. Maybe you envisioned them playing football or going hiking, and they have no interest in that, but do what to pursue some crafts, art, or maybe learn a new skill like coding or writing.

With an open mind, consider your child’s interests and what you can do to support them. Of course, if they say “I want to spend all day watching TV,” that isn’t a reasonable hobby. But if they enjoy cinema, maybe they can watch more classic or artistic films and you could have conversations about it, improving their abilities to analyze art. Or if they enjoy video games, encourage them to try out making their own video game, or perhaps make fan art or other stuff about their favorite game.

The idea is to work together to take something they already enjoy and push it further to a healthy hobby or activity. Talk with your child about their current interests or ideas of what they want to pursue and then assist with making it happen. 

Take a Class to Try it Out

scientist man teaching young childrenMaybe there are hobbies and sports you are not familiar with, but interest your children. Perhaps they want to learn to play pickleball, or learn to scuba dive, or start geocaching but neither of you really have any idea where to start.

There are tons of resources and classes for every hobby, sport, and activity you should be utilizing. If your child wants to try out a sport, check your city and local leagues to see if any offer classes to teach the game. If they want to try a new activity, see if there are local groups willing to show them the ropes. Or if you can’t find anything local, look online for classes they could take to learn more!

Having guidance can alleviate some of the frustration of learning a new game or hobby and give some support when things get tricky.

How to Pay for these Activities

With the fickle nature of children who flit about trying everything and anything, exploring sports and hobbies can get expensive. A few weeks of a basketball league to teach them how to play could cost around $100. Similarly, purchasing supplies for a new hobby can get expensive, depending on what it is. 

A good practice when your child is trying out new things is to first purchase the cheap stuff. Don’t buy them the really expensive ice skates and pads for their first attempt at hockey, get the used stuff from the second hand store. If they want to get into competitive swimming, buy a month pass to the pool rather than the year pass. Keep costs low until you are sure this is something they’ll want to stick with for much longer.

Once your child has a hobby, activity, or sport that has captured their attention, then it’s time to invest in better materials and gear. Stuff that will last much longer and better matches their needs. But that investment can get expensive, and if you need some financial flexibility, Pioneer can help. Using a Pioneer VISA credit card, you can purchase those more expensive items you might not have the cash for right now, but can pay off in the next month or so. 

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