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Summer Activities to Keep the Family Happy Without Ruining Your Budget

Posted on June 24, 2019

The sun is out, it’s getting hot outside, school is done, and now it’s time for some summer fun! A summer vacation can be a ton of fun, but that’s only a week or two of entertainment. If you are wanting to keep your family happy and active throughout the summer months, we’ve come up with a few more things you can do without breaking your monthly budget.

young boy standing on a baseball field wearing a hat and a Boise Hawks shirt

Attend a Boise Hawks Game

Nothing says summer like a night out at a ball game. Grab your baseball glove and take the family to go see a local Boise Hawks game. Especially if you have children who have never been to a live sports game, it’s an experience to remember.

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you could win free tickets to the Boise Hawks! We regularly do giveaways throughout the summer for home games, so be sure to follow us and enter for the chance to win!

You could also sign up to win the chance for your kid to be a Boise Hawks Bat Kid! They’ll be able to sit in the dug-out with the players and be a part of the game!

Do Those Backyard Activities You Keep Pinning on Pinterest

There is a ton of stuff you can do in the comfort of your own backyard, you just need to make a plan! If you are an avid Pinterest user and have tons of ideas, dedicate a day or two every week to try out some of those activities you keep pinning.

You could even have theme days full of activities for the family. One day could be your water day with the homemade slip and slide, play water balloon baseball, and make a water blob. Then the next day, you do all the crafty projects like squirt gun painting and making slime. With some smart planning, you could even keep costs low by buying necessary supplies in bulk.

Find Free Movie Nights

Boise, and other local communities, host free movie nights in parks. It can be a really fun experience for the whole family, and usually the movies they have are either classics or newer films. Instead of dropping ten dollars for a movie ticket, have a fun time watching a great movie under the stars.

Just be sure to bring blankets, warm clothing, and if you need it, a chair to sit in. You can even bring a picnic dinner and popcorn from home for a great experience.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure

two women hiking through a field with backpacks and camerasThe great outdoors are calling. Whether it’s a camping trip in the woods, a day hike in the mountains, or kayaking up the river to see the Shoshone Falls, there are tons of adventures waiting for you.

Idaho is full of great spots for whatever you want to do, and most of it is pretty inexpensive. Here’s just a few ideas you can do for cheap:

  • Float the Boise River
  • Go fishing at Quinn's Pond
  • Mountain bike at Bogus Basin
  • Explore the Kuna Caves

If your kids are old enough, it might be fun to do a longer camping and hiking trip. Go somewhere you have to hike to rather than just drive there and spend a long weekend exploring the area. It’s a great opportunity to teach them important survival skills and see new sights they wouldn’t see otherwise.

Visit Your Library and Local Rec Center

Whether it’s storytime for your little ones, pottery and art classes, or just a day at the pool, local organizations like your library and recreation centers are great for staying busy when it gets too hot outside.

If you’re in the Boise area, check out the Boise Public Library website for a list of their summer events. There are great activities from everybody, like learning how to 3D print or building with LEGOs, at locations all across the city.

Check Out Your Pioneer Perks and Rewards!

boy jumping into a swimming poolWant to spend a Saturday at Wahooz or Roaring Springs? Looking to save some money on your next vacation? Thinking about going down to Utah for a day at Lagoon? Check out our Pioneer Perks page to learn more about how to save money on these kinds of activities and more!

If you have a Pioneer debit or credit card, you should really check out your Rewards! account. Even if you’ve never set up a Rewards! account, you’ve been accumulating points all along just by using your debit and/or credit card. Some of the things you can spend your points on are:

  • Gift cards to popular restaurants
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Electronics
  • Concert, sports, and theatre tickets
  • Cash back

Come By a Pioneer Branch Bash

Throughout the summer, we’re hosting parties at our branches free to the community. There is free Scotty’s Hot Dogs, giveaways, free prizes, and tons of fun! You could win a Yeti® Tundra 45 cooler while eating a delicious hot dog. Come by a location near you for a great time!

Come to a Branch Bash!


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