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4 Ways to Support Your Community


Infographic about supporting community. Transcription down below


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Infographic Transcript:

4 Ways to Support Your Community

Help Mother Nature
Every person can play a part in taking better care of our planet. Some great ways to improve nature in your community include:

  • Pick up trash near major roads or in parks
  • Rebuild or improve nature trails
  • Remove garbage from local streams and lakes
  • Plant a tree

Serve a Local Organization
There are many non-profit organizations doing great things in our community. Whatever you are passionate about, there is bound to be a group to join. Animal shelters, soup kitchens, or serving local veterans and active duty milityar are just a few examples!

Assist Your Neighbor
Simply helping people around you is one of the greatest ways you can serve in your community. Random acts of kindness are contagious and can brighten anyone's day!

  • Shovel/sweep a neighbor's driveway
  • Help a stranger in need
  • Cook dinner for someone who is struggling
  • Take cookies and visit a new neighbor

Support Local Businesses
Spending money locally - at a family own restaurant, small grocery store, or a nearby farmer's market - is a great way to keep the community healthy. Rather than shopping online or at big retailers, give local stroes your business.

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