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9 Tips to Find Your Dream Home


Buying a home is a huge investment. Below are some tips to help you make the best decision and ward off buyer's remorse!

KNOW YOUR BUDGET. Before looking at homes or applying for a mortgage, you need to know how much home you can comfortably afford. When calculating, make sure you research all the costs involved in buying a home such as the down payment, insurance, property taxes, closing costs, and money for additional expenses.

TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES of the interior and exterior of homes you like, including special features you want to remember. This will make it much easier to compare homes later and make a final decision.

BRING A FRIEND or family member. They can offer a second opinion, another set of eyes, and lend their expertise.

THINK ABOUT PROXIMITY to work, school, or other locations you frequently visit. Make sure your new home is in a convenient area.

CHOOSE A NEIGHBORHOOD. Think of the amenities and characteristics you need your community to have. Once you choose an area, get all the statistical information about the neighborhood such as local schools, crime stats, and access to local shops.

USE A REALTOR. Getting help from a professional can alleviate some of the stress of finding a home. They will offer their expertise and make finding your new home a quick and efficient process. Get recommendations from friends and family to find an experienced agent in your area.

NEEDS VS WANTS. Prioritize your list of wants and needs, and communicate these items to your Realtor prior to viewing any homes.

KNOW ALL ADDITIONAL COSTS such as home inspection fees, survey costs, taxes, HOA/Condo fees, and property taxes.

LOOK FOR HIDDEN PROBLEMS and possible defects that the seller hasn't disclosed. Is there a rug or piece of furniture located in an odd space? There is a good possibility that it's hiding a problem with the floor. Check all areas of the home as thoroughly as possible during your home inspection to avoid surprises after closing.

When you're ready to purchase, contact our Mortgage team! They'll be happy to help you move your home loan forward!

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