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Safe and Fun Activity Ideas for Halloween 2020

Posted on October 14, 2020

With the spookiest holiday approaching, many wonder what Halloween will look like in 2020. Social distancing, quarantining, and safety measures will make many Halloween favorites impossible to pull off. Things like haunted houses, costume parties, even trick or treating are all impacted by COVID-19 safety policies.

Whether you have kids ready to celebrate in their costumes or you're a family who doesn’t want to miss out on the great pumpkin, here are some fun and safe activities to do this Halloween.

Do a Halloween Candy Hunt

two kids dressed up as mummies with candy bucketsAccording to the CDC, traditional trick or treating and trunk or treating are both considered high-risk activities. But don’t let that stop your kids from getting their sugar fix this year. There are other ways for them to gather candy in a rewarding and fun way.

A candy hunt is one way to keep Halloween sweet. Hide those fun-size candy bars in your backyard, a local park, or even out in the woods if you are feeling adventurous. Get the kids dressed up in their costumes and let them run free to find all the candy they can.

Throw a Halloween Movie Night

Between Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu, there are tons of classic and new Halloween movies to enjoy. Instead of going out in the cold, get all cozy in front on the couch, build a fort for the kids, and throw a movie night!

You can make a big deal out of it, with special Halloween popcorn, sugary treats, and whatever else your family enjoys. Start the night with some lighthearted classics like Halloween Town or Hocus Pocus. Then after the kids head to bed, the adults can enjoy some horror movies that make you jump.

Do a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

two kids holding jack-o-lanternsAre your children still wanting to hit the streets in their costumes? Rather than going up to doors and interacting with people, go on a Halloween scavenger hunt. Give each kid a list of decorations or Halloween themed items to watch out for and give them a piece of candy for each one they find.

The list could range from finding decorations like Jack-o-lanterns to costumes other kids are wearing. This way, they can still get out and enjoy Halloween night safely and still feel rewarded when they get home. Bonus, if there are some houses doing socially distanced trick or treating like leaving clean bags of candy outside, your kids can still participate.

Host or Attend a Community Costume Parade

Show off those costumes proudly in an outdoor costume parade. Especially if your child is doing virtual learning or their school isn’t doing a costume parade, you’ll want to look into this. This can give them that social interaction they might be missing this Halloween and a chance to show off their costume.

Check out your local community Facebook or Nextdoor page to see if a costume parade is already organized. If not, take initiative and set it up yourself. See if other families are interested, pick a spot to start, then walk around for a few minutes. Everybody stays six feet apart, have a way where kids rotate around so everybody gets a chance to see each other, and maybe end it with some hot cocoa.

Go on a “Haunted” Forest Walk

Do your kids love getting scared? Is your family tradition hitting up a haunted house instead of trick or treating? Many traditional Halloween fright activities are either canceled or simply can’t be done while maintaining social distancing. There are no haunted houses filled with zombies and werewolves grabbing at you and scaring you half to death this year.

If you still need that adrenaline surge, take a “haunted” forest walk. Tell some spooky ghost stories while driving up, then take a walk through the woods right at twilight. Bring plenty of flashlights and warm clothes, and have fun. You could even ask some family members or friends to help out. They could decorate the path with some creepy stuff, rustle some bushes, or even make animal noises in the dark.

Get out of Town for the Weekend

forest in fall with orange leavesHalloween falls on a Saturday this year, which makes this the perfect year to get out of town for some fall fun. If you want to avoid Halloween disappointment, fill it with a fun trip instead. Rent out a cabin, use your RV for one last fun getaway before winter hits, and spend some time in nature. Embrace the fall feeling in nature while getting warm next to the campfire.

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