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Your 2021 Guide to a Fun and Safe Halloween


Pull out those costumes, buy some candy, and get ready for some trick or treaters because Halloween 2021 is almost here!

While we can expect to see some normalcy for this Halloween compared to last year’s, you should still take steps to protect yourself and your family. There are plenty of spooks, fun, and yummy treats to be had this Halloween.

Staying Safe while Trick or Treating

kid in a ghost costume holding a candy bucket pumpkinYou can bet there is going to be trick or treating this year. Last year, many people stayed inside or avoided trick or treating, but the kids will be out in force to make up for lost time. Everyone, from kids to parents handing out candy, should get prepared for trick or treaters.

If covid is a concern for your children, consider incorporating a mask into their costume. They’ll likely be in close proximity to a lot of people they aren’t normally near, like other adults handing out candy. A mask can help prevent the spread of germs to them as they go door-to-door. Similarly, if you are handing out candy, wearing a mask can help keep the kids and yourself safe.

You should also follow normal trick or treating safety practices. Kids should wear bright costumes, carry flashlights, not run, and be careful crossing streets. Since many kids are going to be extra excited to be out, adults need to be more observant this year. Drive slowly through neighborhoods, keep an eye out for kids, and do what you can to help.

Halloween Parties and Events


three girls wearing masksThis year, we can expect to see a lot more Halloween parties and events. There will be trunk or treats, costume parties and other get-togethers. With spiking covid numbers and children being more vulnerable to the Delta variant, we should take precautions to stay safe.

If you do plan on attending an event, be sure to check if there are any restrictions or guidelines to follow. Some places are asking for proof of vaccination or a negative covid test, requiring masks, or have other health standards. If catching covid is a concern for you or those around you, consider not attending an event this year.

While at events, be aware of your surroundings. Many expect Halloween to be a big party scene, and some will take advantage of the situation. Keep a close eye on your phone, wallet, and other valuables.

Do something New to Celebrate Halloween

This is the perfect year to reset your Halloween traditions or try something new! Is there something you’ve always wanted to try for Halloween? Want to go crazy on decorations? Do you have dreams of building a haunted house in your garage? Have you always wanted to create an elaborate costume? Do it this year!

Break free of the shackles of tradition and do something new this season. Go to that haunted house, attend a festival, or do something entirely new! Make this Halloween one to remember.

Reconnect with Family and Friends


three women posing with flowersWith the last year and a half of covid, you might feel some of your relationships have been ignored or forgotten. That’s completely understandable. With Halloween, and the rest of the holiday season, this is a good time to try and reconnect with those you miss. 

Invite them to a fun Halloween activity, like going to a corn maze or trick or treating with your family. It’s a great casual way to reconnect and catch up on their lives. If it goes great, you can do another activity. 

Paying for Halloween

Since last year was a bit different, you might have forgotten that Halloween can be a little bit expensive. Between buying big bags of candy, costumes, and tickets to your favorite festivals and events, you can spend a good chunk of money.

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