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Fall Activities to Fight Against the Stay-at-Home Blues

Posted on October 1, 2020

As the weather begins to cool off and the summer activities start ending, you might find yourself with nothing to do. Restrictions due to COVID-19 will make some indoor activities harder to do. With colder weather, it might be tempting to just stay home all day, but if you want to avoid the indoor blues, here’s some activities you can do in the fall.

Check Out the Fall Foliage

kid throwing leaves into the airIdaho is filled with beautiful hikes through the wilderness. Whether you are an experienced hiker or you want to start, there is a hike for you. Explore a wild forest, visit the gentle beauty of a hidden lake, or stride next to a winding river, there are hikes for everyone in Idaho.

A great resource to find a hike near you is VisitIdaho.org. They have a list of great hikes across Idaho by region so you can hit the trails quick.

Hiking in fall is wonderful because it’s not hot like summer and you get to watch the leaves change color. It’s peaceful and relaxing, plus you don’t have to worry as much about social distancing or wearing masks.

Go Apple Picking at a Local Orchard

A classic fall activity, apple picking can be a fun and delicious way to spend a day. Many local orchards open up at the end of September for apple picking. Depending on where you go, some places are free, charge a flat rate to pick as many apples as you want, or charge by weight.  Take the whole family and fill a bag or two with apples to enjoy for the coming weeks.

A bonus to going apple picking is now, you have extra apples to create a ton of delicious treats. Apple pie, caramel apples, apple crisp, cinnamon apples bread, there are so many apple based foods you can make for fall family gatherings.

Attend a Fall Festival

man with his daughter sitting on his shoulders at a festivalIdaho has a couple popular fall festival locations that combine everything great about fall. You can explore a corn maze, pick some pumpkins, eat fried treats, and have tons of fun. Some big ones in the treasure valley are Farmstead and Linder Farms (though 2020 is the last year Linder Farms will be open.)

Being outside, fall festivals are significantly safer than indoor fall events. Plus, there are things for everybody to enjoy, like fun play areas for the kids or activities great for the whole family. If you love fall, attending a fall festival is a great way to get your fall fix.

Go See a Halloween Movie at the Drive-In (or make your own)

Drive-in movie theaters are making a big comeback lately and are a fun way to enjoy a movie safely. Fall is an ideal time to do it, with cooler nights that get dark earlier.

Check to see if you have a drive-in theater near you playing Halloween movies fun for the family or a horror moview perfect for date night. 

If you don’t have a drive-in near you, don’t worry, you can still recreate the magic, it will just take a bit of extra work. You could buy an inexpensive projector or borrow one, get a sheet, and set one up in your driveway, backyard, or even out in the woods.

Have a Bonfire

two women chatting next to a campfireHaving a big bonfire is a simple and fun activity that gets you out of the house but still warm. Head up to the mountains or somebody’s backyard and create some real lasting memories around the fire

Cook some hotdogs, roast some marshmallows, bake some delicious treats, and have a good time. It’s the perfect way to get to know other people or catch up with old friends. Tell jokes, share ghost stories, or just chat the night away.

Be sure that you follow safe bonfire rules and pay attention to local fire regulations. Even if the fire is on your property, still be safe and smart with it.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure with an RV

Idaho is filled with amazing places to have a fall adventure. Be in the crisp autumn air, see the changing leaves, and have the time of your life. Hit some trails with an ATV or dirtbike and go explore. Go camping in style with a trailer or motorhome. Get ready for the first snowfall with a snowmobile. Even drive through the mountains on a motorcycle to see everything Idaho has to offer.

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