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Tips for Using the New myPioneer Platform


On September 25, myPioneer online and mobile banking is getting an upgrade. This is great news, as it means we’ll be able to better serve our members with improved digital banking services. 

The new myPioneer has a new look that may seem unfamiliar at first, but you’ll get used to it quickly. To get the most out of your online banking experience, we’ve got some helpful tips to get you going.


Setting Up a New Account

man with glasses looking at laptopWith this transition, you will need to make a new online banking account. That means creating a new username and password. This new account will connect to all of your Pioneer accounts, including savings, checking, loans, and credit card.

First, you need to get to the myPioneer login page, either by clicking on the myPioneer login button at the top of the page and then select "New User," or clicking the button below. Once there, click on the "Enroll Now" button.

Enroll for the new myPioneer

From here, follow the instructions to create a new account, including a new username and password. You’ll need to enter other information like your account number, social security number, and receive a two-factor identification code to your phone.

Once done, you’ll have your new account information and be able to access your new myPioneer account!


Making Transfers and Bill Pay

black woman on the phone and a laptopNow you’re in myPioneer and can start exploring. An important feature is the ability to make transfers, both between your accounts and to other accounts. To transfer money, click on the "Payments" tab to get started. From here, you can make transfers between accounts, add a recipient to transfer money directly to, and utilize Bill Pay. 

Bill pay is a great tool for automating paying your monthly bills. It makes paying bills quick and easy. For bills that are the same every month, you can set up an automatic payment that you schedule for a certain day and then don’t worry about again. For bills that change each month, you just log in to Bill Pay and send the payment due online. No more checks and stamps to send through the mail.


Alert Settings

Asian man with glasses shocked looking at laptopYou can set up alerts for many different things in myPioneer. Want to keep a tight control on your spending? You can set up an alert for payments over a certain amount or if you hit a point in your balance. Interested in when your paycheck hits your account? You can create a notification for deposits. 

Alert settings are a powerful tool to watch over your account even when you aren’t actively looking at your Pioneer account. An alert can let you know if people access your account, if someone stole your credit or debit card, and even on joint accounts like a child’s savings account to see if they pull out too much money.

One last cool feature is you can set up rate alerts on Pioneer loans. If you’re thinking of getting a loan soon, you can set an alert to monitor for changes on rates. That way, you don’t have to regularly check the website, just wait for an alert from myPioneer.


Check Your FICO Score

With myPioneer, you can easily check on your current FICO score. It’s a useful tool for keeping an eye on how your credit is and monitor if it’s going up or down.

To check your FICO credit score, just click on "Additional Services," then "FICO Score." From here, you can see a brief history of your FICO score and what it currently is.

If your credit score is lower than what you want, or you see a sudden drop, you can get a free Credit Checkup through Pioneer. We can help examine your credit and build a plan to raise it up to a healthy level.

Get a Free Credit Checkup

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