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5 New Hobbies That Won’t Break the Bank


Tired of the same old routine day in and day out? Go to work, come home, make dinner, watch TV while scrolling on your phone, then head to bed and do it all over again; the monotony must be killing you!

Let’s mix it up! Do something exciting! New hobbies and interests can help you feel alive, meet new friends, and give you something to look forward to. The downside is that many hobbies are expensive, but don’t worry, we’ve got five you can start that are inexpensive to start.

Head Outdoors for a Hike

woman hikingIdaho is jammed packed with great hikes for everyone. Treasure Valley to Magic Valley and everything in between, there are hikes for you to get reconnected with nature, enjoy some fresh air and get your sweat on.

Hiking is a great hobby for those looking to stay on a budget. Walking outside is completely free! At most, you’ll need to buy the right footwear and maybe pay for parking at some national parks. You just get outside and get hiking!

Wherever you live, there are hiking options for you! Anywhere in Idaho, nature is just a short drive away and you’ll be surrounded by wildlife and great sights.

Become a Treasure Hunter with Geocaching

pirateDid you ever dream of being a real life Indiana Jones, finding ancient artifacts, or a pirate finding buried treasure? Well, you don’t need to raid a lost ark or wear an eyepatch to get that same thrill.

Geocaching is a very popular hobby where you head to a spot where a geocache is hidden and you follow clues and hints to find it. Some are as simple as a plastic box hidden in a tree while others are extravagant puzzles that will perplex and surprise you! At the end, you add your name to the list of people who found the cache, and maybe even get to take a little toy or candy with you, depending on the person who hid the cache.

Start that Podcast You’ve Been Thinking Of

You might think that to start a podcast, you need professional level equipment, but in reality, all you need is a microphone and an idea. Many of the most popular podcasts started with a person recording on a smartphone and stumbling through editing it on their old laptop.

Just go in with the intention that this is a hobby first and foremost. See if you like it and go from there. If you start making money off it then you can start investing in better equipment and think about quitting your day job.

So go ahead and share your incredibly niche expertise or widespread opinion. Connect with other people with similar views or interests and find yourself part of a larger community!

Play Dungeons and Dragons

person dressed up like an elfNo longer just nerds in a basement, Dungeons and Dragons has seen a massive increase in popularity recently. Tons of people are getting into roleplaying as elves, dwarves and gnomes, going on adventures of fantasy and magic, and it’s cheap to start. All you need is a group to play with, a set of dice, some paper, and someone who knows the rules of the game.

If you love Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, or other fantasy stories, definitely give playing Dungeons and Dragons a try. It’s like making your own fantasy story that just you and your friends get to enjoy!

Not into fantasy? There are tons of other similar games you can play with your friends to match your interests. Call of Cthulhu is for those who are into Lovecraftian Horror. Cyberpunk Red for dystopian sci-fi fans. Honey Heist if you want to play as a bear trying to plan an elaborate heist to steal some honey. Any type of fiction you enjoy, there is a roleplaying game for you!

3D Printing, Reading, Groups, Education and More at Your Library

Libraries are more than just books now and can be a gateway to tons of new hobbies! Many Idaho libraries, like the Boise Public Library, give access to 3D Printers to the public to use! If you have ever wanted to see if 3D printing is interesting to you and a hobby worth pursuing, but don’t want to buy the machine quite yet, give it a try at a local library!

Your local library might have other hobbies for you to try. Some libraries have large collections of movies, video games and music if you want to expand your entertainment. Many also have things like baking supplies, musical instruments, or even board games you can take home and give a try. Tons of tools to help you find a new hobby.

Some libraries also host different hobby groups you can join and try. Maybe there is a fun sewing group where you can make new friends, or a charity organization planning their next project, or a teacher who educates on something interesting and useful. All at your local library.

How to Pay for More Expensive Hobbies

man on an ATVMaybe you try one of the hobbies on our list and fall in love or you want to try a more expensive hobby. Price can be a very large barrier in many hobbies. When you first start, it’s inexpensive, but if you get serious, nearly every hobby can get pricey quick. Equipment, supplies, conventions; all cost money.

If you want to go for a big purchase, Pioneer can help with our assortment of loans. If your hobby requires a recreational vehicle like a dirtbike, our RV loan can help get you what you want. If you need several larger purchases all in one go, like purchasing a full on podcast set-up or getting that 3D printer, a Signature Loan can get you the funds. Or maybe you just want to make a single purchase like buying some Dungeons and Dragons books or supplies to set up your very own geocache. Pioneer’s Platinum VISA Credit Card gives you some flexibility for those smaller purchases.

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