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Earn Extra Money at Pioneer


You could use some extra money in your wallet, yeah? What types of hoops are you jumping through to earn an extra $10 or $20 a month? Are you filling out online surveys, entering giveaways, or selling your blood just for spare cash?

With Pioneer, you can earn extra money just for doing simple things like using a debit or credit card, setting some money aside to save, or just having the right checking account. It’s simple and easy to do and earns you extra money!

Credit Cards and Rewards Points

woman and man looking at a credit cardThere are thousands of credit cards out there, and many of them have some form of rewards program. You earn miles for a flight, nights at a hotel, cashback on purchases or points for discounts to your favorite store.

Pioneer’s Platinum VISA Credit Card is great for two reasons. First, it’s connected to your Pioneer account, so it is simple to make payments on. You just transfer money from your other accounts to make a payment. 

The second reason the credit card is great is the Rewards program. Everytime you make a purchase with your credit card, you earn one point for every dollar spent. These points can then be redeemed for many popular items, like a flight, hotel stay, gift cards to your favorite stores, or just a flat extra $100. And all you have to do? Use your credit card like normal!

Have a Good Checking Account

Did you know everytime you swipe your debit card, your bank or credit union earns money? So why is it you aren’t getting any extra benefits for doing so? Why don’t you get benefits from your checking account?

At Pioneer, you do! We have two rewards checking accounts, our Reward U Checking Account and our WOW Cashback Checking Account.

Reward U has a 3% APY* on your daily average balance up to $10,000. That’s a really fancy way of saying you earn money for keeping a lot of money in your checking account. If you keep a high balance, you could earn up to $300 extra a year. Plus, remember that Rewards program we mentioned with the credit cards above? Everytime you use your debit card with the Reward U Checking Account, you earn more points!

If you don’t keep a high balance in your checking account, the WOW Cash Back Checking Account gives you 1% Cashback on everything for a max of $10 a month. So basically, just do your normal shopping and get some extra money every month.

Get a Friend to Open a Checking Account

group of friendsGot a friend looking to switch banks? You just heard about the amazing news of opening a checking account at Pioneer that rewards you and want to spread the love?

Pioneer’s Refer-a-Checking program does just that. If you get a friend to open a checking account at Pioneer, through the Refer-a-Checking program you earn a certificate for a $25 gift card and so does your friend! Get enough friends to join and that is some serious money.

Big Savings with a Term Certificate

Also commonly known as CDs (Certificate of Deposit), Pioneer’s Term Certificates is a way to boost your savings and earn higher dividends than traditional savings accounts. Rather than the set 0.05% APY* of a saving account, you can earn anywhere from 1.00% all the way to around 5.00% APY* , depending on a few different factors.

The biggest difference is that with a Term Certificate, you set the money aside for a specific period of time. The intention is not to touch the money at all during that time period, so make sure you won’t need the money anytime soon. But by saving it this way, you invest your money and earn a much higher dividend rate. 

Open a Term Certificate

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