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New Additions to PFCU Visa Credit and Debit Cards!


More and more businesses are accepting credit and debit cards with EMV chip technology, and Pioneer is excited to add this technology to our products. The embedded microprocessor chips on the cards store and protect cardholder data, increasing the amount of security on your card when shopping. While the traditional magnetic stripe contains unchanging data, the chip creates a unique transaction code that cannot be used again. More security is always a good thing!

And to make things even easier, Pioneer now offers Apply Pay® for our iPhone using members! Load your PFCU Visa credit or debit card into your virtual wallet and use it wherever Apple Pay is accepted. You won't even need to get your card out!

UPDATE 9.9.19

Alongside Apple Pay, Pioneer now allows members to add their VISA credit or debit cards to any virtual wallet, including Samsung and Google Wallets.

We are continuously trying to find ways to incorporate the best technology to make banking simple and easy for our members. Check out all of our eServices here!



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