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Trailblazer May 2016

Posted on May 2, 2016

Eyeprint ID

Pioneer FCU’s myPioneer mobile app has a new feature, Eyeprint ID that allows you the capability to log in using your eyes. Other new features on the mobile app include:

  • Popmoney (pay other people)
  • Quick Balance

To view full details to access click here.

Moving Forward. Giving Back.

I’ve been volunteering at the Idaho Food bank for a number of years. I usually volunteer to sort, package or build backpacks once or twice a month at the Boise warehouse. Although the Foodbank is involved in numerous projects to raise food, the warehouse work and field picking is what has appealed to me. I’m always amazed at the companies and the products that the Food Bank locates. We have bags of potatoes from farmers’ fields, beans and corn we’ve picked, and bagged irregular French fries (odd looking but every bit as nutritious). We actually went to a food processing plant in Nampa and worked on an assembly line to help process tater tots. We had to work in a big freezer, but we filled ½ a semi-truck with potato products that day. It was a great donation from the processing plant and the company that provided the products!

Idaho is an extremely generous state. Most of what the Food Bank receives and delivers is from private companies and individuals who make unbelievable donations. It’s amazing to me what the Food Bank has done with its volunteers. They normally have approximately 15 groups of 10-15 volunteers weekly. That’s 150-225 volunteers helping to process the food that goes out to the pantries each week! What a great example of people helping each other.

I’m hoping, in the future, to work with one of the “Mobile Pantries”. These are vans that go to small communities that don’t have a permanent pantry.

There are so many different opportunities to help. The Food Bank also accepts cash donations to purchase additional food at super prices. This food might be used to fill the backpacks of children for the weekend since they might not have a meal until they return to school on Monday. Take a few minutes and check out their website to see the amazing things they do and how they do it!


Man in orange volunteer shirt holding a large pair of clippers

Idaho Hunger Statistics – Updated April 14, 2015

  • 15.6% of Idaho’s residents are food insecure – 250,830 people or 1 in 6
  • 21.1% of Idaho's children are food insecure – 90,240 children or 1 in 5
  • Of the 250,830 food-insecure people, 50% have incomes below 130% of poverty, which makes them eligible for food stamps and other government assistance.
  • Of the 250,830 food-insecure people, 20% have incomes between 130% and 185% of poverty, which makes them eligible for WIC and reduced-price school meals, but not food stamps.
  • Of the 250,830 food-insecure people, 30% have incomes above 185% of poverty, which makes them ineligible only for any public assistance. These people must rely on a private charity network such as The Idaho Foodbank and its partners.
  • The counties with the highest rates of overall food insecurity are Madison, Lemhi, Shoshone, and Adams.
  • The counties with the highest rates of childhood food insecurity are Lemhi, Adams, Shoshone, and Idaho.

Pioneer in the Community

Pioneer employees were busy volunteering and working in the community during the month of April!

Community Shred Day - Twin Falls - April 2nd

Pioneer employees in front of a paper shredder truck

3rd Annual Southwest Chapter High School Financial Reality Fair Event at Skyview and Nampa High School - April 6th and 13th

Female employees running a booth at an event

Community Shred Day - Main Branch - April 16th

Pioneer employees in front of a paper shredder truck

Community Shred Day - Nampa Branch - April 23rd

Pioneer volunteers helping out with shredding documents

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