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Greenlight Youth Debit Card and App

two girls, one holding a debit card, the other a smart phoneGive your young Pioneer the reins to grow their financial smarts. Parents with a Pioneer Checking Account get free access to the Greenlight app, a powerful tool to teach children how to earn, save, and spend wisely.

Use Greenlight as a tool to educate your children on how to set up a budget, get paid for chores, and save money. Children learn how to manage their own money with a free debit card and parents can send funds, control the card, and help teach their children how to spend money.

The Greenlight app has:

  • Debit Card- Your child gets their own debit card
  • Reward- Pay your child for chores or their allowance digitally
  • Notifications- Get real-time notifications of transactions and requests
  • Financial Education- Fun games that teach money skills
  • Convenience- Automate allowances and money transfers to your child
  • Mobile Wallet- Link the Greenlight debit card to Apple or Google Pay for secure, contactless payments
  • Control- Choose where and when your kids can spend their money
  • Family Access- Parents and up to five children get access to Greenlight

Join over 6 million parents and children using Greenlight. All you have to do is sign up, enter your phone number and membership number, download the Greenlight App and start teaching your children healthy financial habits.

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Greenlight FAQs

Greenlight debit cards are FDIC insured up to $250,000 and have Mastercard's Zero Liability Protection. Greenlight blocks unsafe spending categories, allows real-time transaciton notifications, and lets parents turn off debit cards at any time.

No, we support children and adults of all ages to use Greenlight.

Anywhere Mastercard is accepted; online and in-store. Since the card is for youth usage, there are restrictions in place so the card cannot be used at certain companies and retailers.