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Desert Sage FAQs

With the Pioneer Federal Credit Union and Desert Sage Federal Credit Union merger, we wanted to provide quick answers to questions you may have. Please look through some commonly asked questions below and please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need more info.

I received a letter from Desert Sage and/or Pioneer about the merger. What is going on?

Pioneer Federal Credit Union merged Desert Sage FCU into it after an emergency merger was approved by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). These letters inform Desert Sage members that your accounts will be affected by this change.

Did Pioneer buyout Desert Sage?

No, Pioneer Federal Credit Union did not purchase Desert Sage Federal Credit Union. Desert Sage found themselves in a difficult position, being a very small credit union, to continue on and be financially sound. They searched for a merger partner that would align with their values and would continue to serve their members well and decided to merge with Pioneer.

What will happen to my Desert Sage accounts?

On April 1st 2021, all Desert Sage accounts will be converted into similar Pioneer accounts. You can convert your account ahead of time by contacting a Pioneer team member. This method is preferred as we can get you moved to Pioneer more quickly and also talk with you about all the great products and services you now have access to.

Can I still use my Desert Sage checks, debit and credit cards?

If you do not convert earlier than April 1st 2021, you will receive new Pioneer debit and/or credit cards in the mail. Any scheduled and recuring payments (like to Netflix or Disney+) that use your Desert Sage debit or credit cards will need your new Pioneer card number. Pending payments with Desert Sage cards and checks will be processed at the time of the conversion.

Do I need to update payments that pull directly from my account?

Yes, if you utilize automatic ACH payments connected directly to your bank account, like for a credit card, retail store or insurance provider, you will need to update it with your new Pioneer account information. 

What checking accounts does Pioneer offer?

We have three different checking accounts, so you can pick the one best for your lifestyle and the type of rewards you like! Learn more about them by visiting our Checking Accounts page!

What savings accounts does Pioneer offer?

Every Pioneer member has our general Savings Account, but we also offer a variety of other savings accounts you can open. Learn more about our savings accounts by visiting our Savings Accounts page!

Can I still access my accounts online through the Desert Sage website?

As of April 1st, you will be unable to access your accounts online through Desert Sage's website. You can access them through Pioneer's online and mobile banking, myPioneer Online.

What are all the ways I can contact Pioneer?

Pioneer has a variety of contact methods to best match your needs. You can talk to a Pioneer team member by:

Will the Desert Sage branch location remain open?

Yes, the Desert Sage branch is being converted to a Pioneer branch location and will remain open. 

How do I access my accounts online?

After your Desert Sage account is converted to Pioneer, you will need to register for a myPioneer online banking account. On the Pioneer website, click the login button, then put your new Pioneer account number in the username field, and put pfcu(last 4 of your social security) as the password. Watch our Pioneer Pointer for more information!

Will my direct deposit automatically transfer to Pioneer?

Your direct deposits will continue to be processed by Pioneer. They may be delayed posting if your direct deposit source doesn't have your new account number. Please update the necessary payroll departments and companies with your new Pioneer account number for the best service.

Will my account number change with the merger?

Yes, you will receive a new Pioneer account number as part of the conversion.

Where are the Pioneer branches and what are their hours?

To see all of our branches, visit our Locations page. Pioneer also participates in Share Branching which enables you to do banking transactions at over 5,000 share branches across the world, as well as conducting ATM transactions at over 30,000 surcharge free ATMs.

How do I make payments on my Desert Sage loans

Through March 31 2021, you can continue to make payments on your Desert Sage loans. If you'd like to start making them to Pioneer, give us a call or stop by any branch and we'll help you convert the loans over. 

Will the interest rates on my savings and loans stay the same?

All rates on Desert Sage loans will remain the same and transfer over with the same term, payment and rate. All Desert Sage share products will transition over to a comparable Pioneer product and rates may change based on the current rate for that individual share.

Do I need to do anything for the merger?

Please make sure all of your information at Desert Sage is correct. Contact us now to get your conversion completed! This will give you full access to all of the benefits Pioneer has to offer, including extended service hours in our drive ups and on our video chat app, Monday - Saturday, 7 AM - 7 PM. After April 1st 2021, if you have not contacted us to complete your account merge, we will send communication to you on your new Pioneer information.

Does Pioneer offer any benefits or perks?

Pioneer offers its members tons of benefits! During the summer, you can buy discounted tickets to Lagoon, Roaring Springs, Wahooz, along with discounts throughout the year on other services. We also offer a wide variety of protection plans and free financial education.

Will I be charged any fees due to the merger?

No fees will be charged due to the merger. In your welcome letter from Pioneer, you will receive an insert with current Pioneer service charges and fees.