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2023 Community Pioneer

Nominate a Community Pioneer

Community Pioneer logoFrom community nominated individuals, Pioneer will select four winners throughout the year and award each of them $4,000 for the organization they represent. Each winner is highlighted on our website and social media in order to spread awareness for their organization's cause. These individuals are people who work or volunteer at an Idaho non-profit organization within our field of membership.

Fourth Quarter Winner: Kristina B. with First Responders and Friends Association

woman holding a large check with other people standing around her, ambulance in the backgroundOur fourth quarter Community Pioneer winner for 2023 is Kristina with the First Responders and Friends Association (FRAFA)! Kristina is originally from Hagerman but grew up as a child in Portland. Once Kristina reached the age of motherhood, she realized she didn’t want to start a family in Portland and moved back to Idaho. Now, her and her husband raise four kids in Twin Falls. She knew that raising her family in a safer, more secure environment with a great sense of community was what she always wanted. As a family they love enjoying all that Idaho has to offer such as fishing, hunting, and camping.

Professionally, Kristina is the admin for the Ambulance District, a full-time EMT for Lincoln County and works for the Wildland Fire Medical group. She’s a busy mama with a heart of gold to serve her community!

First Responders and Friends Association was founded by Kristina one and a half years ago. The mission of their organization is to give back to the elderly, disabled and veteran community of the Magic Valley by helping clean up their properties or perform small home repairs. Over the last year, the organization has helped install a handful of handicap ramps at community members’ homes.

The organization also puts together holiday events to help provide a small Christmas to families and individuals in need.

“One of my favorite memories since starting this organization was from our Christmas event last year. There was a family that came in their pajamas, and you could tell in their eyes they were down on their luck. By the end of the event their whole demeanor changed, and they had a great time as a family. Not only were we able to give them a little bit of hope back into their lives, but everyone walked away with gifts and a full belly,” Kristina, founder of FRAFA.

Kristina’s goal with this organization was not only to give back to her community, but to help restore the positive image the community has regarding first responders. There has been bad publicity among all first responders the past few years and given the nature of their work, most people don’t have the greatest memories when they have to deal with a first responder. Her hope is that the community will see just how great first responders are and that they are people who want to make a difference.

If you would like to be more involved with First Responders and Friends Association, please reach out to them via their Facebook page. This organization has a great sense of fellowship and would love for you to be a part of the family giving back! 


woman holding a check Katie H. with Magic Valley Fellowship Hall
family on couch with large check Kate W. with Foster + Heart
woman holding a large check Cyndy R. with Sweet Zola's Candy Shop


2022 Community Pioneer Winners
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July Winner: Dominique with the Dominifarm Animal Sanctuary
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September Winner: Jeannie S. with Idaho Battle of the Books
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woman with a large check November Winner: Candice B. with the Elmore County Domestic Violence Council
woman holding a  large check December Winner: Melissa B. with Lake Lowell Animal Rescue