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Dream Big: How Pioneer Can Help You Reach Your Goals


What do you dream about? Do you dream of owning a home? Traveling and seeing the world? Starting a family? Living debt free? Buying a fancy car?

One thing all these goals have in common is money impacts if you can do them or not. Owning a home, buying a car, and traveling are all very connected to how much money you have. Starting a family can get expensive. Being debt free requires financial focus and flexibility. 

All of these dreams, and more, are possible! It isn’t something just to wish upon a star for, but goals you can actively work towards, and you're not alone in doing so. Pioneer is ready to give you the tools and knowledge you need to reach your dreams!

Making the Large Purchases

couple buying a house from a man in a suitLet’s talk about the goals that require a large amount of money in a single purchase. Buying a home, a car, a jet ski, are all things that cost more than the average person has in their savings. That is why people take out loans and mortgages to pay for them. It is often just too large of a purchase to make on your own.

Getting a good loan is important when working towards these goals. You need to make sure you can afford the monthly payments, the interest is as low as you can get, and you find a lender that matches your needs. All of these should be accounted for before taking out a loan.

Pioneer can be a great match for both new and existing members when looking to reach these expensive goals. We offer competitive rates, have knowledgeable team members who can assist you with your loan, offer extra programs like our Skip-a-Pay program that lets you skip a monthly payment on a loan, and so much more.

We also offer the following loan types:

  • Mortgages
  • Auto Loans
  • RV Loans
  • HELOCs

Build Your Credit for the Large Purchases

black man with afro looking at a credit cardA massive barrier to reaching the above goals is your credit score. If you have a low score, you either can’t get a loan or the conditions of the loan are so poor it is not worth pursuing. 

But hope is not lost, your dreams are still within reach and Pioneer can help. First, you can get a Credit Checkup, where Pioneer looks into your current credit score and credit report to find out what is holding you back. Then, a team member explains to you what your situation is and how to best improve it. One such recommendation might be to open a Pioneer Credit Builder Loan.

The Credit Builder Loan is a loan where Pioneer lends you a small amount of money and holds onto that cash as collateral. Then, you make payments every month towards that loan, which is then reported to the Credit Bureaus, the ones who build your report that determines your credit score. Once you pay off the loan, the funds are released to you, and you have now established positive credit and have a nice little bit of savings on top.

See the World Without Draining Your Account

man meditating looking at an oceanWhether you’ve dreamed of visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the beaches of Hawaii, or the penguins in Antarctica, your big vacation might be closer than you think. It might seem impossible to ever see these sights, that they are too expensive, but with the right approach, it is possible.

First, you need to save up for the vacation. Pioneer has a clever way to earn you extra money every month that can help grow your savings. If you sign up and use either the Reward U or Wow Cash Back Checking account, you earn money every single month. After your checking account is open, add a Loyalty Savings with Pioneer too, so that money you earn gets put into it automatically and earns you a massive 5% Annual Percentage Yield, the highest dividends Pioneer has for savings. Couple that with your regular savings and maybe some clever short term investments like a Term Certificate, and you’ll be saving money for your trip in no time!

While building that savings, you can also start working towards making your trip less expensive. With Pioneer, you have two huge ways to save money on trips. The first is by accumulating Rewards points earned by using Pioneer VISA Platinum Credit Card, which gives you 1 point for every $1 spent. You can redeem these points for gift cards or towards flights and hotel stays. 

Pioneer also has an extra perk if you book through Get Away Today, which offers deals and packages on cruises, beach resorts, and a trip to Disney.

Living Debt Free

Asian woman holding a camera looking at a laptopStudent debt, credit card bills, medical debt, and all forms of debt can feel like a burden on your future. They can prevent you from reaching your other dreams because you are busy paying for the past. You can't save up for a home or a vacation because you are paying for high interest rates every month.

Pioneer has two ways to help you become debt free. The first is Pioneer’s partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness, a financial counseling service for members. GreenPath can help you identify debt problems, create a plan of attack, and even assist you with debt forgiveness programs!

Another way Pioneer can help you become debt free is consolidating your debts with a Pioneer Signature Loan. Rather than paying multiple debts every single month, which might be straining the budget, you instead pay a single debt at a lower monthly cost with ideally a lower rate. That way you can either work on putting more money towards the principle of the loan or pay for other things in your life.

Apply for a Signature Loan

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