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Summer Treasure Valley Activities to Keep Your Kids Engaged


Summer is here and parents across the nation are wondering, “What do I do with my kids all summer long?” Nobody wants them to veg out in front of the TV all month long, but sometimes getting them to do stuff is like pulling teeth. 

We’ve got some ideas for fun activities in the Treasure Valley to keep your kids engaged, learning and active.

Local Sports Groups

boy in baseball jersey runningA classic summertime activity your kids can enjoy is joining a sports team. Whether it’s soccer, baseball, football, volleyball, hockey or other sports, there is likely a league they can join and have some fun!

Some sporting groups are sponsored directly by the city while others are ran by independent groups. Both have their pros and cons, so be sure to weigh those options before signing your kids up. Some might be more casual and for fun, while others might take the game a bit more seriously.

Having kids try new sports can help keep them active and broaden their interests. Maybe they’ll find a new sport, like golf or track, that they love and want to pursue more! This could in turn lead to joining a team in high school, college, or just having a lifetime hobby.

Camps and Classes

boy getting ready to zip lineOn the flip side, if your child isn’t interested in sports, but you still want them active and learning, there are tons of camps and classes you can sign them up for. Again, some are offered by your local city, while others are privately offered and typically more niche.

For example, the City of Boise offers summer play camps across the city as ways to encourage playing and fun among young kids. They have weeklong camps throughout the summer that are worth checking out.

If your child is very interested in a specific subject, there might be a camp or class just for them! Are you wanting to encourage STEM skills in your child? The University of Idaho offers summer tech camps that can give them hands-on skills and experiences they can’t get anywhere else. Similar camps are available for tons of different interests including: art, music, sports, space, science, and outdoor camps.

Make a Local Bucket List

family on a boatThere are probably things your whole family wants to do this summer, and why not try and do it all! Sit the family down and make a summer bucket list of things you can do locally. It could include anything and everything your family is interested in.

Some ideas to get you started include:

  • A new restaurant that just opened up
  • Tour the many parks and playgrounds in your area
  • Go to Wahooz and Roaring Springs (be sure to get discounted tickets if you are a Pioneer member)
  • Visit the zoo
  • Go camping
  • Ride electric scooters around downtown
  • Float the Boise river
  • Throw a party

With enough activities planned, you can fill a lot of your summer days up easily and don’t need to stress each day on how you’ll keep your kids entertained.

Explore a New City

Likely, you know the city you are in pretty well, but the Treasure Valley has multiple cities, like Nampa, Caldwell, Star, Meridian, Boise, Eagle and Kuna. Each city has its own history, attractions, events, and delicious restaurants. 

To fill a day or two, why not explore a different city? Walk through their downtown area, try their local restaurants, play in their parks, and explore what they have to offer. You might find something special you’ll want to visit over and over again.

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