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Saving Money with Your Local Library


Public libraries may seem like an out of date institution, with the rise of technology replacing many of their services, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Libraries are very important to our local communities. They provide useful resources and services that otherwise can cost a lot of money. Utilizing your local library can save you quite a bit of money and enrich your life.

Check Out Books Rather Than Buy Them

woman with a library bookOf course, when you think of a library, the first thought is about checking out a book. This is still the main purpose of the library, with most of the space dedicated to books. If you are an avid reader, buying books can be a huge cost, but checking out a book from a library is free! You might have to wait a little bit, especially for new or popular books, but it’s better than spending money on something you might only read once and then never touch again.

What’s great about libraries is that they offer books in digital formats too. You aren’t restricted to physical versions of books, with most libraries offering eBooks you can check out online. Follow your local library’s instructions and before you know it, you’ll be reading your next book on your phone, tablet, or Kindle. You don’t even need to visit the library to check them out!

Check Out Audiobooks

black woman with headphonesMaybe you don’t enjoy reading but still want to hear the greatest stories ever written? Audiobooks are a great way to consume literature who may be too busy to sit and read, or looking for something to fill their daily commute.

Audiobooks are more expensive than their readable versions, with audiobooks regularly costing double what the books cost. There are some subscription services that can help alleviate that cost, or you could not pay anything and use the library! 

Libraries often have both physical and digital audiobooks you can check out and listen to. You don’t need to spend $14.95 a month in order to listen to audiobooks, just visit your local library!

Check Out Games, Movies, and Cooking Supplies

two kids holding video game controllersLibraries have diversified in recent years. It’s not just books they carry, but so much more.

Want to try out a video game before you buy it? Want your kids to experience renting a video game like you did with Blockbuster? Your local library might carry the latest video games you can borrow. Many libraries carry new and older games that you can borrow and enjoy.

Looking to spice up game night with a new game? Many libraries also have board and card games you can borrow. It’s more than just Monopoly or Sorry but modern and popular new games. 

Need to cook a complicated dish but it requires tools and supplies you’ve never used? Some libraries carry a variety of kitchen and home tools you could check out, including baking trays, mixing bowls, and other less common cooking implements.

Check out your local libraries to see what unique and useful non-book items they carry you could use.

Cheap or Free Printing

woman at a printerLet’s be honest. A lot of people don’t have printers at home anymore. In our digital world, the need to print things out is becoming less and less common. Do you even have a printer in your home? Does it work?

Yet, occasionally you need to print something out. Maybe it’s tax documents or important paperwork or just your child’s homework. Do you go out to the office supply store and pay for a new printer? Or refill your ink, which costs almost as much as a new printer? Go down to the local UPS store and pay them to print it out?

Better plan, go to the library. Many offer cheap or free printing to patrons. Depending on how much you need to print, it can be a great way to save money.

Entertainment for Kids During the Summer

two kids sitting back to back at a libraryParents often struggle with what to do with their kids during the summer. After the initial fun of no school wears off, kids get bored fast. If you want to give them meaningful and educational activities, check out what your local library is doing.

Between storytimes, weekly activities, and reading programs, there is a ton to do with your kids to keep them occupied and growing. Even just exploring and reading at the library can give parents a much needed few hours of quiet and peace.

Parents don’t have to instantly jump to a daycare, summer camp, or sports to enrich their children’s summer. The library offers great programs and can be a gateway to discover other local communities, events and groups.

Connect with the Local Community

Libraries are a hub of your local community. People gather at the libraries for a variety of reasons. Many groups, clubs, and classes are held at the library simply because they offer a free place to assemble. In the same place where kids can have a quiet place to have a study group you could also find Dungeons and Dragons groups, AA meetings, retired knitting groups, and so much more.

Libraries can help connect us all with our communities, including local businesses. Many advertise their services at libraries, which can help them connect with those in the area looking for help.

Between libraries and Pioneer’s Buy Local program, you can find local businesses in your area that fit your needs. Plus, if you use Pioneer's Platinum Credit Card while shopping with a Buy Local partner, you earn extra Rewards points!

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